Meet Dr. Fuller

Willard Fuller's Portrait In America, over one thousand people a year since 1960 have received spiritual healings of the physical body through the ministry of the Rev. Dr. Willard Fuller. People of many faiths as well as people with no religious affiliations, have witnessed these special healings and many of them have received healings of their own.

Over the past several years many spiritual healers have visited Evangelist Fuller to talk with him about many unusual phenomena which occurs through his prayers. When this man, Willard Fuller, prays for people, these things do occur!

Dr. Willard Fuller, Th.D., went home to God April 8th, 2009.

Born in Louisiana in 1915, Dr. Fuller began his theological studies in the 1940's. He became a Baptist minister in the early 1950's. Achieving a doctorate degree in theology, he founded a world-wide ministry, Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship, in California in 1968. He traveled extensively worldwide spreading the Gospel and the truth of God's word, praying for the sick, teaching, and conducting numerous healing seminars. He loved people considering it an honor and privilege, in the love of Christ to listen to the concerns of all those who came to him for comfort, counsel, and prayer.

Dr. Fuller's ministry will be carried on by Althea Fuller, Fellowship president. Gifts of resources and service will allow for future archiving and electronic access to his past seminars, lectures, and teachings. To contribute to this on-going ministry or for further information, please contact the Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship at or call 850-933-7401.

Willard's Legacy

Dr. Willard Fuller was an inspiration to all who met him. Through his ministry he reached out to tens of thousands of people who were healed all over the world. Many thousands were ordained by this remarkable man who loved God, and Jesus, and wasn't afraid to talk about it. He loved all, and helped those he could. He left us two books, many videos, and dozens of cassette tapes to remember him by. It is an honor and privilege to carry on this work, and make it available to those who seek a loving God.

Rev. Charlie Cook

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